From the Archive… Edinburgh

Edinburgh has always been a second spiritual home to Join Me… and I found this picture from the first-ever Edinburgh Join Meet back in 2003…

Metal-lovin’ priest Joinee Saunders was there, as were fellow Join Me legends Hodges & Frost, and it set the standard nicely for future Edinburgh meets.

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  1. Holy moly, I was so thin back then…

    Brings back fantastic memories. Gareth’s coming round to my house on Sunday – he’s marrying me in January. To my girlfriend, not to him.

  2. My favourite of Join Meets still 10years later. Such a wonderfull weekend with some of the most brilliant people ive had the opportunity to meet. The photo above is one of my most favourite ever taken as it always reminds me of the spirit of Join Me and its thousands of Joinees 🙂 Hopefully get to meet some of you guys again soon in the near future, maybe K10 😀

  3. Dan says:

    Are the edinburgh join me meets still happening?

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