From the Archive… First Joinee Task!

The famous Joinee Whitby has sent me a fantastic photo of a proper moment in Join Me history…

Right at the beginning, when I didn’t have very many joinees at all, I also had little idea what to do with them.

I discovered a small group were meeting on the edge of Hyde Park in London, so, acting all mysteriously like a good Leader should, I sent them a package. Inside was a disposable camera and a dictaphone, as well as strict instructions not to play the tape until all the joinees had gathered.

The message told them to go out and make an old man very happy, and take pictures of their endeavours. They did – old men were made happy right across the capital – and the beginnings of the Karma Army were formed that day.

And the final man they met on their adventure? Raymond Price.

Cheers for the photo, Matt!

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One Response to From the Archive… First Joinee Task!

  1. Jordon says:

    Hello Danny!
    My name is Jordon and I am a native of NYC, and have recently become a fan of your writing. I plan on Joining!
    I felt as though I had to leave a comment on this particular thread, as it is someting of a coincidence that this is among the first posts on this blog that I have stumbled across.
    I have been reading your books backwards it seems. I first disovered you last month when I purchased your book, “Friends Like These” which I enjoyed so much I looked up what else you had written. Sadly, my local Barnes and Noble had neither “Yes Man,” or “Join Me.” Subsequently, I ordered them both on Amazon, but from different sources, as “Yes Man” arrived first. So I read that next, (having already seen the movie as well, and was really happy how much I enjoyed the book. So rarely do you see a movie based on a book’s TITLE alone that manages to impress) and am currently reading “Join Me.”
    At the very beginning of reading Join me, I felt compelled to Join, or to at least look up your website. However it was not until this moment that I actually looked it up. And this moment is only several moments beyond literally reading the chapter in Join Me in which this historic moment took place.
    I have bookmarked you and hope to meet you the next time you are ever in NYC (or driving distance away)


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