Hello there!

Join Me started in 2002, when I placed an advert in a local London paper, simply saying “Join Me” and continuing by saying that if anyone did indeed want to join me, all they had to do was send me a passport photo.

No one knew what they were joining. Or who they were joining. Or, really, why they were joining. But join they did!

Problem was, I didn’t know what they were joining either. And soon, as the numbers rose into the hundreds, and as the word spread around the world, I really had to come up with something…

The Karma Army has now been going for getting on ten years… good people committed to performing one random act of kindness a week, being nice for the sake of… well… just being nice. People do good deeds – some secret, some public – they chat on the forums, they meet up around the country, and once a year we all end up in a pub after a properly fun day of random acts of kindness…

So take a look at the blog, but then – as this is all about community – head for the forum! Say hello! Make some friends! Let us know what you’re up to!

And join people from all over the world while you’re at it.


To Join Me, send one passport photo to:

Join Me
PO BOX 33561
London E3 2YW