10K for K10!

Well, I can’t believe it.
It’s ten years since I stood at the bottom of Oxford Street holding a sign saying ‘Join Me’ and waited to see who’d turn up. Ten years!!
Dozens came along.
The next year – hundreds.
And every year since, Karmageddon has grown in one way or the other.

Will you be there this year? Come on! It’ll be fun! Check out the details at www.joineeforum.com! Do it!

This year, we’re supporting Build Africa, and in particular, Twendane Primary School. This is a fantastic, fantastic thing to be doing…

About Twendane Primary School

Twendane is located in Naivaisha District, south-western Kenya, and was established in 1978 by the local community. Build Africa started working with Twendane in 2009 after seeing the poor conditions of the school first hand. Children were crowded into small, draughty classrooms with dirt floors which turned into mud during the rainy season. Hygiene and sanitation levels at the school were low, with temporary latrines presenting a health hazard to the children. Unsurprisingly, Twendane’s academic performance in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KPCE) was poor, so pupils had little chance of progressing to secondary school.

Twendane 2009

How Build Africa has helped so far

New toilet blocks were built in 2009, and new classrooms built in 2010 provided bright, spacious learning environments. A School Management Committee was set up and trained to ensure the smooth running of the school, and a School Development Plan was formed in partnership with the local community to establish priorities for the school’s development over the next three years. In 2011, the school received new educational resources and sports equipment, helping to improve the quality of children’s school experience within and beyond the classroom. There has also been a dramatic improvement in the academic performance at the school – Twendane is now one of the top-performing schools in the area.

Twendane 2011

…but there’s still a whole load of work to be done. Thankfully – it’s totally achievable!

If we can raise £10,000 we can…

  • Renovate 3 classrooms, purchase 75 desks and 80 textbooks to further improve the teaching and learning environment at Twendane
  • Purchase more sports equipment, so that all the children can play sports regularly
  • Purchase 500 sanitary towels, to ensure that the older girls don’t have to miss school

If you’d like to donate – and please do! – visit https://www.justgiving.com/karmageddon10

If you’d like to come along to K10 on December 3rd, head over to the forum for more information.

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  1. Steve says:

    On page 93 of join me that I picked up at a railway station in kent, now traveling to Cumbria, once I finish this masterpiece I shall leave it for the next potential joinee, what a great thing you started , leader, your mum must be really proud of you, and you have a nice face, well done on that

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